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Waxing & Electrolysis

Waxing and Transdermal Electrolysis (Permanent Hair Removal)

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Our waxing procedure will quickly and affordably remove unwanted body hair for weeks, but when combined with our electrolysis process, unsightly body hair is removed permanently.




How does Transdermal Electrolysis Work?
Electrical current is applied to the hair follicle by way of galvanic tweezers, clip, swab, or patch. As the current takes effect. the operator is able to ease the hair from the follicle. At the conclusion of each treatments healing ointment is applied. Effective electrolysis renders the follicle incapable of producing another hair. The galvanic current causes a chemical decomposition of the hair root. New visible hairs are treated at each session (the growth pattern of hair takes 12 weeks). A portion of the hairs must be treated more than once before they respond to treatment, so that the term “progressively permanent” is the most appropriate description of this method of hair removal.

How Long will it Take?
You will probably be advised to come at least once a week for the first 3-8 weeks (depending on the size of the area being treated). Some describe the feeling as similar to a series of pinpricks accompanied by a feeling of warmth. Many are surprised at how little discomfort is experienced




Unsightly hair can quickly and easily be removed.



Here is the same back, 15 minutes later, after one waxing session. This client will return for electrolysis treatments to remove unwanted hair permanently!


The average menopausal woman with hair on the chin may require about twelve weekly visitis of fifteen minutes to half an hour duration, then three or four visits at two visits a year thereafter.

Upper Lip:
An individual with dense hair in the upper lip area might require a ten minute session weekly for about six months, then every third week or so for the next six months, and then once a month for a year.

Facial Hair:
People with extensive facial hair (to the degree that they need to shave every day) would require weekly one hour treatments for a year or so and then an hour a fortnight for the second year or so. It is difficult to be precise about some of these times, because individuals with dense facial hair may have a hormone imbalance, and elevated hormones may activate potential hair follicles to grow new hair.

Bikini line and underarms:
Depending upon the extent of the hair growth, treatment requires half an hour to one hour once a week of about six months and thereafter at monthly intervals for another three to six months.



Unwanted hair is removed safely and quickly with our waxing technique. Our highly trained staff works 7 days a week from 10am-6pm.