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White Sand Massage and Day Spa 35-Step Signature Facial

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Our signature 35-step Signature Facial Treatment was developed at White Sand Massage, and gives the best alternate to plastic surgery, chemical peels, botox and collagen injections, and laser resurfacing.
Anti-aging facial results using high frequency and steam vapor vary, and can depend on skin type. Results do not always occur overnight, however high frequency facials have been proven to produce a short term lifting effect, and with daily use can provide long term permanent results.

White Sand Massage and Day Spa 35-step Signature Facial
60 minutes
$65 usd

White Sand Massage Special-60 min. Facial and 60 min. deep tissue massage
2 hours
$100 usd

High Frequency Laser Package – 5 sessions (face and hair only)
15 minutes per session
$15 usd

Treatment of Acne, Black Heads, and Enlarged Pores

Over an extended period of time, the body can become immune to certain acne medications. When high frequency facials are combined with an effective acne medication, results last much longer than expensive medical treatments that can fail. The results can be dynamic, even after only a few sessions. Black heads immediately disappear with our high frequency facial treatments. The skin is thoroughly cleaned, and pores are opened with sterilized steam vapor. Unwanted black heads and pimples are extracted, and the skin pores are closed, sealed, and smoothed over with our high frequency laser. The results are dramatic, even after one treatment! Don’t take our word for it….see for yourself!



Before Image

Nasty black heads and enlarged pores are not pretty!


After Image

Here is the same face after just ONE treatment. Notice nasty blackheads are gone, and skin has a softer, smoother, more youthful appearance!


Wrinkles, Saggy Skin, and Facial Lines

Our high frequency facials rejuvenate skin cells by increasing blood circulation, producing air flow for oxygen starved skin. This provides a vibrant, youthful glow, while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Collegen is naturally produced, improving overall skin tone, sagging jowls, and tightening double chins.

Puffy Eyes with Dark Circles Disappear

Recent scientific studies have proven that dark circles and puffy eyes are caused by capillaries that have broken, causing hemoglobin to leak, thus creating a blue-red pigment to accumulate under the eyes. Our high frequency facials have been highly successful at stimulating circulation and fading dark circles under the eyes for fresher, more youthful appearance.

Cellulite and Thinning Hair are also effectively treated with our high frequency facial treatments. It is safe and very effective, and is now available in Todos Santos ONLY at

White Sand Massage and Day Spa!


High Frequency Laser Facials

Our High Frequency Laser Facials are safe and very effective. Our highly trained staff works 7 days a week from 10am-6pm.


Facial masque

Here is Maria, applying the facial masque during our 35-step Signature Facial.